Chapter 21. Localization

Table of Contents
21.1. Locale Support
21.1.1. Overview
21.1.2. Behavior
21.1.3. Problems
21.2. Collation Support
21.2.1. Concepts
21.2.2. Managing Collations
21.3. Character Set Support
21.3.1. Supported Character Sets
21.3.2. Setting the Character Set
21.3.3. Automatic Character Set Conversion Between Server and Client
21.3.4. Further Reading

Note: The following description applies both to Postgres-XC and PostgreSQL if not described explicitly. You can read PostgreSQL as Postgres-XC except for version number, which is specific to each product.

This chapter describes the available localization features from the point of view of the administrator. PostgreSQL supports two localization facilities: