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What is Postgres-XC?
A Brief History of PostgreSQL
Further Information
Bug Reporting Guidelines

Note: XCONLY: The following description applies only to Postgres-XC.

This book is the official documentation of Postgres-XC. It has been written by the Postgres-XC developers and other volunteers in parallel to the development of the Postgres-XC software. It describes all the functionality that the current version of Postgres-XC officially supports.

Postgres-XC is essentially a collection of multiple PostgreSQL database to provide both read and write performance scalability. It also provides full-featured transaction consistency as PostgreSQL provides, at the exception of SSI which is incomplete.

Postgres-XC inherits almost all major features from PostgreSQL. This document is also based upon PostgreSQL reference manual.

Postgres-XC inherits many code and feature from PostgreSQL. This book is also based upon PostgreSQL reference manual. Because of this background, you may read PostgreSQL as Postgres-XC if not described explicitly.

Note: The following description applies both to Postgres-XC and PostgreSQL if not described explicitly. You can read PostgreSQL as Postgres-XC except for version number, which is specific to each product.

To make the large amount of information about PostgreSQL manageable, this book has been organized in several parts. Each part is targeted at a different class of users, or at users in different stages of their PostgreSQL experience: