Chapter 7. Queries

Table of Contents
7.1. Overview
7.2. Table Expressions
7.2.1. The FROM Clause
7.2.2. The WHERE Clause
7.2.3. The GROUP BY and HAVING Clauses
7.2.4. Window Function Processing
7.3. Select Lists
7.3.1. Select-List Items
7.3.2. Column Labels
7.4. Combining Queries
7.5. Sorting Rows
7.7. VALUES Lists
7.8. WITH Queries (Common Table Expressions)
7.8.1. SELECT in WITH
7.8.2. Data-Modifying Statements in WITH

Note: The following description applies both to Postgres-XC and PostgreSQL if not described explicitly. You can read PostgreSQL as Postgres-XC except for version number, which is specific to each product.

The previous chapters explained how to create tables, how to fill them with data, and how to manipulate that data. Now we finally discuss how to retrieve the data from the database.