III. Postgres-XC Server Applications

This part contains reference information for Postgres-XC server applications and support utilities. These commands can only be run usefully on the host where the database server resides. Other utility programs are listed in Reference II, Postgres-XC Client Applications.

Table of Contents
gtm --  provides global transaction management feature to Postgres-XC.
gtm_proxy --  Proxy to gtm, Postgres-XC Global Transaction Manager
gtm_ctl --  Postgres-XC GTM operation module
initdb -- create a new Postgres-XC Coordinator or Datanode database cluster
initgtm -- create a new Postgres-XC GTM or GTM-Proxy for database cluster
pg_controldata -- display control information of a Coordinator or Datanode database cluster of Postgres-XC
pg_ctl -- initialize, start, stop, or control a PostgreSQL server
pg_resetxlog -- reset the write-ahead log and other control information of a PostgreSQL database cluster
postgres -- Postgres-XC coordinator and datanode
postmaster -- Postgres-XC database server for Coordinator or Datanode