Chapter 49. Postgres-XC Coding Conventions

Table of Contents
49.1. Formatting
49.2. Reporting Errors Within the Server
49.3. Error Message Style Guide
49.3.1. What Goes Where
49.3.2. Formatting
49.3.3. Quotation Marks
49.3.4. Use of Quotes
49.3.5. Grammar and Punctuation
49.3.6. Upper Case vs. Lower Case
49.3.7. Avoid Passive Voice
49.3.8. Present vs. Past Tense
49.3.9. Type of the Object
49.3.10. Brackets
49.3.11. Assembling Error Messages
49.3.12. Reasons for Errors
49.3.13. Function Names
49.3.14. Tricky Words to Avoid
49.3.15. Proper Spelling
49.3.16. Localization

Note: The following description applies both to Postgres-XC and PostgreSQL if not described explicitly. You can read PostgreSQL as Postgres-XC except for version number, which is specific to each product.