Postgres-X2 Developer Page

This page contains Postgres-X2 developer contents.

Reasons to be a Developer

There are plenty of reasons that you become Postgres-X2 developer. For example,

If you find any reasons, why don't you become postgres-x2 developer?

How to begin

Subscribing grougle groups, issueing pull request and creating issues are the way to begin with.

Google Groups

Subscribe Postgres-X2-dev group from google groups titled "postgres-x2-dev". You can post your issues and ideas here.

Pull request and create issues

If you have codes for new feature or fix, you can issue pull request. This page contains Postgres-X2 development community information. Posgres-X2 repositories will be found at postgres-x2 developer page.

You can also create issue to report bugs, to raise discussion, to post your ideas, etc.

Useful Materials

Here's a list of materials for postgres-x2 developers.