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This page contains Postgres-X2 user contents.

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Userful Materials

Pgxc primer

Download Pgxc Primer here.

You can configure Postgres-X2 database cluster manually from the scratch. It is, however, just configuring many PostgreSQL database server manually without errors. This is very painful work with many pitfalls. Pgxc_ctl saves many of such efforts and time. Please click here for download.

Presentation Material

Postgres-XC presenatation at PG Open, 2013 gives useful materials of Postgres-X2 configuration and operation tutorial using pgxc_ctl utility.

Presentation material in PostgreSQL workshop in HangZhou, July 25th, 2015. Introductory description of Postgres-X2 concept, design and implementation. You can download here.

Finding helps and share your experience

Subscript "postgres-x2-general&*quot; google group group. To subscribe, view google group page and search for the group.

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