PostgreSQL Scale-Out Cluster

Welcome to Postgres-X2 page. Postgres-X2 (PGX2 for shot) is symmetric Postgres-SQL cluster with real scale-out capability. Enjoy.

Postgres-X2 Scales

Postgres-X2 is a successor of Postgres-XC. This product provides both read and write scale-out just by having more than one database servers linked together.

No Specific Hardware Needed

You do not need any specific hardware such as dedicated storage server shared among database aservers. You just need conventional servers with Linux operating system.

Transaction is Transparent

You do not have to be bothered with many pitfalls in writing multi-detabase applications. Postgres-X2 provides integrated single database view to applications. Any upadte to any server is visible to any other transactions sunning in any Postgres-X2 cluster server.

Compatibile with PostgreSQL

In principle, Postgres-X2 API (libpq) is binary-compatible to PostgreSQL.

If you would like to use Postgres-X2

This is postgres-x2 user page.

If you are joining Postgres-X2 development

This is postgres-x2 developer page.

Project Home Page

Project home page is The project contains many sub project repositories. You can visit the following page for specific repo.

Only Postgres-X2 repository entry is given here. You can visit other repositories as you like.

Postgres-x2 Source Repository

This is main Postgres-X2 repository. You can visit postgres-x2 main repository page for internal development discussions.

Postgres-X2 Community Charter

Project charter is here .